Monday Is No Fun Day!

Imma go on! Monday, why you gotta treat me so bad? 6am, that alarm goes off and there’s no place like home! As far as Monday’s go, today was not the shittest! In saying that, the door had barely shut behind me after work and I was chucking a standard pour at my face! Aaaand … Continue reading

Zooey Makes Me Gooey!

Sunday is sloth day over this way, hey! With all of my domestic duties out of the way, its time to get horizontal. I consider my tv remote one of my most treasured possessions! Right up there with my two children, it’s the thing I fear misplacing the most! It did go missing a while back … Continue reading

The Last Dinosaur

I went to see Brisbane indie power pop band Last Dinoasaurs @ Elsewhere last night. It was bullshit, in a good way! In my infinite Jägermeister infused wisdom I thought it perfectly acceptable to approach lead guitar/vocals cutie Sean Caskey after his set and creep a photo. As I sheepishly handed my iPhoney to the … Continue reading

Mixed Tapes For Errbody!

Each Christmas I like to send out a little mixed tape cheer to all my frands and family. Last year’s efforts saw me burning dozens of copies of The Black Keys album “El Camino” and offloading them at Australia Post. I gave the album a good go and Mum gave it the thumbs up at … Continue reading

My Prince!

By now you may have small inkling that my life is hinged firmly in fantasy as opposed to reality. With references to “Finding God in the lead guitarists eyes” and 1000 word essays on hairy chests and ginger beards cementing the truth! I won’t apologise, I fall in love 10 times a day. I hear … Continue reading

You Gotta Hear This One Song!

It’ll change your life I swear! I don’t recall who first introduced me to The Shins? Unfortunately it wasn’t Natalie Portman, but they did go on to change my life, I swear! We all have friends we share music with and I love the sentiment that a song can change your life! My friend Timothy … Continue reading

I’m On Fire!

I’ve just walked in the door after a 14hr day and I’m bent! A standard kindy shift culminating in a riveting fire training course finds me here. Looking like something out of a calendar, a buff/bald Mr. September rocked in to our centre to give us the big ups on fire safety. Jokes like ” … Continue reading

Anxiety Girl!

Anxiety is an insidious affliction and thankfully I don’t have to deal with it often. I do however recall my earliest memory of being gripped by this dastardly state. In Proserpine during the early 80’s, The Eldorado Theatre was a pre-teens only social outlet. Complete with wooden floorboards perfect for jaffa rolling, and cherry cheer … Continue reading

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life!

Look at this face, LOOK AT EEEET! Just as I was settling in for some tim tams in my jim jams I received word that young Sydney DJ Flume aka Harley Streten was playing @ The Clock Hotel. With moments to spare before doors opened I did a superman, phone box style wardrobe change and … Continue reading

I Slept In My Car Last Night!

Y’all can stop looking now because I found God last night. He was in the eyes of  “The Ruben’s” vocalist  Sam Margin. The world stopped turning for a minute as he crooned the “My Gun” lyrics just for me. I now present to you the photographic evidence to support this outlandish statement! Last night was supposed to … Continue reading