I came for the boobs and stayed for the song!

I love my little sister so much. Tonight I miss her more than ever! Sienna, seriously, you’ve proved your point!!! You went overseas, found an amazing job on board a mother f***ing boat, travelled the world and fell in love. Please come back now. It’s not funny any more. Sis had her finger on the pulse … Continue reading

Ben, the two of us need look no more!

Ben Folds is up there with adult Jesus and Oprah for me.  His painfully honest/hit home hard lyrics,  along with back arching vocals have calmed my qualms more times than not. I suggest remedy comparable to 2 x Nurofen, cold compress and 12 hours sleep. If that’s not persuasive text enough, I’ve been listening to … Continue reading

15 minutes of Purple Rain wasn’t enough!

I saw Prince live and this is how I feel! My dearest darlings Katie and Reece, aka Mr and Mrs Osborne rang me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I wanted to go see Prince. They fed me some hogwash about having a spare ticket because one of their friends couldn’t make it? In … Continue reading

Sweet Dreams!

I thought I was too tired to post tonight, then my iTunes shuffled to this bucklingly (Yes, I do realise bucklingly is not a real word) beautiful song from Silverchair. Mother earth swallow me now if Daniel Johns isn’t the most exquisite human being on the surface of Earth. Someone needs to lobby parliment to change the … Continue reading

3 More Sleeps!

Oh, did I forget to tell you? I’m going to see Prince on Saturday night! 72 twitching, sleepless hours and I’ll be front and centre partying like it’s 1999! Hard pressed to find any good clips on the webs to showcase Prince’s talents, I offer you this “TV On The Radio” clip. A homage to … Continue reading

Kidney for sale!

I need the cash to go to San Miguel Primavera Sound fest 2012,  Bathelonaaaaar! My wee sis in the overseas just sent me this link, and good golly gosh if it didn’t improve my posture by 100% You better sit down for this line-up! *Beach House *Beirut *Black Lips *Bjork *Death Cab For Cutie *The … Continue reading


Guys, guys, I just discovered big, soft, squishy headphones. Gosh dang it, I feel like I’ve been  living my life under a rock, swearsies! My kids were yelling at me to turn my music down last night and they demanded I use their headphones. Tired of the incessant whining I relented. Well knock me down … Continue reading

I love the Weeknd!

Sunday night and I’m usually cowering in the dark, assuming the foetal and wondering what the f***just happened. Thats how my weekends normally go! Not this time, Nah aaah! Go ahead and high five the shit out of the most exquisite salmon steak, perfectly decanted pinot noir, sunny beach hangs and perfectly brewed coffee for … Continue reading

I want to settle down with Dallas!

I hadn’t heard of City and Colour or Dallas Green for that matter, until my friend Timothy strummed a cell searing rendition of “Against The Grain” for me on his guitar a few years back. That song and those lyrics have had a lasting impact on me and my next of kin ever since. So … Continue reading

Contraceptives don’t work!

I just listened to this “Holy Shit” track and fell pregnant! Imma name my next baby Chet Faker!