Guys, guys, I just discovered big, soft, squishy headphones. Gosh dang it, I feel like I’ve been  living my life under a rock, swearsies!

My kids were yelling at me to turn my music down last night and they demanded I use their headphones. Tired of the incessant whining I relented. Well knock me down with a feather, the music sounds better with you dear headphones.

I’m scratching my head with dismay as to why haven’t I thought to do this before. I sincerely collapsed through the front door after work today and headed straight to my iTunes for remedy. Now I’m stuck, HELP! Ive been here at my desk for over 2 hours and every time I move to get up another awesome song comes on and I’m transfixed. I fear I won’t ever stand up again!

Pasty, ginger, Irish heart throb band “Two Door Cinema Club” released “Tourist history”, my favourite album of 2010 and I was lucky enough to see them at Laneway a while back. I waited an unnatural amount of time amongst the masses, in the blazing summer heat to get up the front! A sacrifice I’d be willing to make again, 1000 times over!

 You could do yourself a small favour and listen to this song. Then you’ll  understand why I was so elated to get in front of this many people to hear it live!

1:47 =The precise moment I died!

I’m sorry I can’t hear you, I’ve got my headphones on!

2 Responses to “HELP MEEEE!”
  1. kafkaworld says:

    1:47, a Thom Yorke moment really. Lovely song though.
    Congratulations on your squishy headphones. May they get you through many many days and nights.

    • walteromusic says:

      Not a truer word spoken my friend. You might be interested to know my instagram name is Karafka! Imma fan!

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