My No.1 Favourite Song Of All Time!

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh! That’s the sound of my brain discombobulating and all of the air expelling from my lungs. Permission to pause while I gather my shit?

I’m not 100% comfortable with putting my favourite song out there for everyone to see. This concept is as contoversial as Kanye and Kim for me!

I’m going to push on tentatively by exposing my 2nd favourite song of all time to you and see how I go after that!

Flashback to far north Queensland 1990, I’m living just under the poverty line in a university share house with like minds. Think $45 a week austudy payments, filling our canvas napsacks with fruit and veg from Sizzler to plump the pantry and abhorrent Nikov (premixed vodka and orange) cask related behaviour! Enter handsome, clever, funny, english major flatmate from Mount Isa who introduces me to “The Stone Roses” and wah lah, My 2nd all time fave!

Okaaay, that wasn’t so hard. Forge ahead with my No.1! Here ’tis!

The reason why my No.1 song is my No.1 song is because I made an absolute point of not listening to it for the last 20 years. I dare not shit you! This particular song made such an impact on me as a young, angsty teen it went on to shape and mould my musical sensibilities. I did not choose it lightly, it means that much to me that I chose abstinence in a vain attempt to hold it dear and close for all time. If I could cryogenically freeze this song for future holdings I would.

Hang tight, let me set this up. My very first cassette bought with wages earned packing potatoes in my uncle Colin’s convenience store as a 13 year old. I didn’t realise the implications when I handed over my $9.99 for The Cure’s “Kiss me Kiss Me Kiss me” album. I’d place my spongey walkman earphones over my lobes each night and allow Robert Smith to enter my less than mature pysche! I transitioned into REM with this song every night the duration of my puberty, that’s gotta f*** you up!

Jesus loves me, yes he does. How do I know? Because I’ve seen “The Cure” play twice in my lifetime. First was in Hyde Park, London in 2002 and again with my lil sis and dearest friend Katie in Brisbane in 2007.

I’ve nothing left but to bare my soul, here’s my No.1! Do with it what you will, press play, GO ON, I sure as hell won’t listen to it, it’s too sacred!


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