Smoke Bomb!

I came to see The Medics, I came home without seeing The Medics! It’s not the first time I’ve overdone it and missed the headliner, thank Oprah for awesome support acts!

I stretch/yawned awkwardly in bed yesterday morning and felt something tweak. I painfully laboured through the day knowing full well I had to recover in time for the gig that night. Where’s a good physio when you need him? I wasn’t about to let a little debilitating T3-T4 thoracic vertebrae nerve compression dampen my enthusiasm.

Doors open, a pint of your second cheapest, full strength, beer please barkeep and let’s get this party started with first support band Moss On The Rocks. Well Helloooourgh! aren’t you boys a bunch of spicy biscuits!

As with most gigs I go to, the young whipper snappers I’ve not heard of before tend to impress me the most. So alternative, so psychedelic, their heaving, warped bass lines are still reverberating through my painfully compressed thoracic’s. Half way through the 2nd song I could feel the weight of my jaw edging closer to my chest. The surging, capacity, music diggin, crowd seemed equally enamoured. Guy standing next to me swung around mid song and energetically offered “They sound like Bloc Party cross Foals cross Tv On The Radio”. I asked him to text me those words so I could plagiarise them for this post. Thanks Wade!

So little info about these guys on the interwebs, it’s almost like they don’t exist. I took a photo of lustrous locked, lead vocalist Jake with his BFF to prove they do!

Moving right along, no time to dilly dally, 2 more bands to bang on about!

YOUNG MEADOOOOOWS, you sure know how to raise the roof. Hands were in the air everywhere, it was like they were put there and they just didn’t care!

This was the 2nd time I’ve seen the young bucks rock out @the Clock. When you hear how effortlessly they combine indie, pop, rock and roots it’s hard to believe they’ve been together for under a year! I don’t need a crystal ball to see these guys are going places. Triple J unearthed will vouch for me on that.

If I wasn’t impressed enough already, super smiley faced, lead vocalist cutie Jake, sat down in front of me to say hello! We had a little chat, I gushed a little bit, he touched me on my arm as we spoke. It felt nice, I am happy!

Look into their exciting future here with this tasty lil clip for “Nightmares”

Hangovers are an insidious affliction and I’m gripped by a particulary nasty one right now. 27 coffees and a few slaps about the face later and I’m ready to tell you about The Ottomans!

I met my new friend Trent last weekend as we hurtled towards The Prince concert. I loved everything that came out of his mouth and connected so hard that I had to refrain from asking him to be my best friend. He was the first to tell me about these guys “Best band going round” First impressions count and boy did they impress. As I propped myself heavily against the wall to watch for the first time, I wondered if f***king awesome spaghetti western was a valid music genre. Their facey page describes their genre as Ghettotech/Hyphy/Turntablism, so I guess I’ll run with that!

This is a photo of trent watching The Ottomans. Everybody meet Trent, Hi Trent!

Lead vocalist Ollie is a dead set enigma. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I kept poking the people around me and asking them “Are you looking at this?” His larger than life persona consumed me so profoundly I almost didn’t hear the music. You can listen to them undistracted here. I could and should tell you more about all this, but this post is stupidly long. It’s so long I’m not even going to read it!

Things got a little bit crazy once the painkillers and full strength beer kicked in. So much so, I didn’t even get to see The Medics play. In the best interests of my dignity and my fellow music loving patrons I smoke bombed outta there. You’ll be happy to know when I got home I stacked it up the stairs and hit the wall so hard I fixed my back!

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