Everything Was Bouletiful And Nothing Hurt!

Never fail music moguls Modular People just released uber bearded, 21 yr old, dogtown z- boyesque, Jonathan Boulet’s new album!

Here’s the title, *stretches fingers… “We Keep The Beat, Found The Sound, See The Need, Start The Heart”

I ask myself, is he having a laff with that title? I don’t even care, in my mind, Jonathan’s talent and career success is directionally proportionate to his beard length and album name!

Call your album whatever you like Jonathan, I trust your judgement. I’m going to throw punches and toddler reminiscent tantrums to get to your next show at Coolie!

I can’t go any further without showing you the clip that first made me shut up and take notice of JB! These images of young bucks putting their strong, lithe, bodies on the line for art sullied my subconscious mind for months! All hail art!

Did you just grasp your waist with both hands and breathe out too fast? Me Too!

I question whether I was a saint in a previous lifetime, lucky enough to see Jonathan play twice thus far. First time was @ Elsewhere, Gold Coast, QLD. Please note photographic evidence below!

I know what you’re thinking, why is she wasting her time with blogging, she could be a professional photographer!

2nd time was in Brisbane @ the Hi-Fi bar, I know what you’re thinking, her hair has no body!

Self absorbed, GPOY’s aside, we need to move along. You need a small taste of what to expect from his latest album offerings!

Just like the lyrics from his track Trounce state, “I do what I’m told” …you should too. Download his album now!

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