Happy Birthday T-Pain!

There are no children in this home any more….only teenagers! My youngest child, my baby doll, my little poppet, Tillini Jade turned into a little punk overnight. There goes the neighbourhood!

This time, 13 years ago, I was heavy breathing, wondering why God hated me, and begging the earth to swallow me whole. With my short attempt at a silent birth quickly dismissed, fast forward through three hours of exquisite pain and the most beautiful, perfect example of human life was placed upon my chest. IT’S A GIRL!

Happy 13th Birthday Baby Doll!

This post has the potential to be a bit much, but please indulge me! On the eve of my little one’s adolescence, I found myself stemless glass in hand, trolling keepsakes, hand scrawled journals, photo albums and the likes. So many happy memories. I tried to narrow down which photo captures my wee one’s, energetic, funny, spirited persona best. Turns out I can’t choose, So I’m just going to go nuts!

This could go on forever but I’ll wrap it up now by saying I miss my little sister. When my mum brought Sienna home from the hospital I didn’t think I would ever lay eyes on another so perfect, so beautiful. I would shove her inside my night gown and pretend she was my very own baby! She’s been overseas for 4 years now and I love and miss her terribly. I know she loves her lil teenage niece as much as I do!

Tillini is a good egg. I can’t claim that for myself because so many people have helped me along the way.  A massive, heartfelt, thank you to Tillini’s Dad Dion, and her amazing other mummy Shelby! I love you Shelby, I can’t thank you and your amazing family enough for everything you’ve done for us. My wonderful son/her big brother Tahj, beautiful sister Sienna (Aunty Sienna) Uncle Daniel, my lovely mamma (nandi) best friends Tina and Matty, and darlings (always there for us) Katie and Reece! Special up’s to Belinda, Shelly, Casey, Jessica Clark, Lizzie, Sally Heward, the Nuske and Seabrook  family, your love and support mean the world!

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday T-Pain!”
  1. Danellenels says:

    Wow, she’s lucky to have a mum that is so cutting edge/ amazing cook / milf / best music blogger & all round winner! Happy welcome to the Teen years T-pain!

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