My Way Or The Highway!

My house is manic at the moment. It’s packed to the rafters with young teens and Rebecca Gibney is nowhere to be seen. ¬†Full ice cube trays, clean towels, easy mac and internet bandwidth are at an all time low. Given the chance to leave the angsty chaos for the motorway, I jumped at it! … Continue reading

Post weekend slump!

Sunday night, you’re a nasty little prick arent you? Endorphin¬†levels dangerously low stop morale at an all time low stop tell my mother I love her stop! Another ballin weekend with champagne fountains, freshly shucked Hawkesbury River aphrodisiacs, coffee house hangs, and sweet sweet afternoon sleeps! Simon knows how I feel. He posted me this … Continue reading

Stuck in my head!

I have a song stuck in my head, an ear worm per se! I refer to Urban Dictionary thrice daily and my life is better for it! Don’t forget to buy your “Ear worm” mugs and shirts! I spoke with my friend Zeal in Vienna this morning, he told me he was drunk, mellow and … Continue reading