MIA – sneaky leak peek!

Praise the Lord, Allah and Tom Cruise for internet leaks. The world just got a sneaky peek listen to MIA’s first squeak since joining Jay Z’s stable earlier this year! God must love us?

A previously unheard, sparsely produced “Baby” spilled into our ears unbeknownst to “Paper Planes” hit maker MIA aka Mathangi Arulpragasam, but she’s not mad!

Our lady love pressed fingertip to keyboard via twitter with this passive rebuke “”Whoever LEAKED THAT BABY song should know that ive never heard this version B4 (before) it sounds crazy different 2 wht i worte (to what I wrote) for madonna.”

With care factors at an all time low she added “”I’m not mad about it but this just make me want to upload my version of it… this song wasn’t recorded for my LP… so its not complete”

“Baby” was actually written and recorded for Madge, and is a rough cut of a demo that M.I.A. recorded with producer William Orbit who worked on Madonna’s MDNA and Ray of Light albums, as well as Blur’s13.

With God’s good grace, and seemingly, MIA’s blessing, this is your green light to take a listen!

M.I.A is about to bust out her fourth album titled “Matangi” and if rumour be true we might be sitting on each others shoulders, shot gunning UDL’s and developing melanoma’s with Meezy at next years Big Day Out!

Out of respect, please, no “Yews!”

4 Responses to “MIA – sneaky leak peek!”
  1. Joana Nixon says:

    Honestly, I Like It!

  2. Sauldiggitty says:

    This could be a reason to put up with all the douches that is the BDO. Yeeeewww

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