With this Ring!

If I make mention of the term “Indie, electronic pop duo” one more time, I give you permission to kick me in the mons pubis. Oh wait, grant me small buffer to laud indie, electronic pop duo Purity Ring. This totes awks coupling are doing their best to make the internet collapse on itself. Their release of 3 tracks last year whipped up enough fervor on the internets to rival Kanye’s twit pic of Kim’s pear shaped derriere.

With a name that sounds like a sex aid Shannen Doherty might have used on the set of “Charmed”, their breathy backdrops and soaring vocals give you the kind of motivation that makes you want to find your real dad.

Pure, art house genius was channeled to lend footage from 1970′s Swedish film “Thriller: A Cruel Picture” to compliment this mood altering track “Lofticries”

July 24, 2012 sees the release of their debut album “Shrines” and like many others I’ll be crafting papier-mâché models in their likeness and maintaining candlelight vigil until then.

Find a nook, bear down and bide your time with this!

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