Bloc Party and you’re invited!

I’m bracing myself for all your post Splendour highlights, insta pics, tags and tweets, you lucky, lucky bastards! I didn’t make it to Belongil Fields this year and my pre Splendour depression started kicking in well before the first tent pegs were pitched!

I was wondering why I was on my drink and off my food, but then I realised my self defense mechanisms were working so well I’d completely forgotten I wasn’t at Splendour.

In a vain attempt to ward of the blues I propped myself up next to a radio with this little guy and listened the f*** out of the live stream.

I know little brown noses like this have nothing to do with music festivals but this little man kept me company as I sulked.

The Shins set was particularly painful to listen to from home and I’m not ashamed to say I shed small tear. I was also particularly bummed to miss Flume, Seekae, Chet Faker and Miike Snow, but imagining my friends against the barriers listening to Kele from Bloc Party belting out tunes from their upcoming album “Four” was just about enough to bring me undone!

You guys were so lucky to listen to their new track up close and personal, I had to listen to it here!

What a stunning arrangement, beautiful riffs teamed with soothing strings and heart tweaking vocals. It’s up there with a cream based pasta dish and being patted off to sleep on the contentment meter for me!

“Four” is set for an August 21 release, Huzzah!

2 Responses to “Bloc Party and you’re invited!”
  1. judy says:

    TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU….i felt proud driving around neighbourhood with my car sterio sounding like a boom box in the front..well almost…too bad about all the stunning athletes competing in G.B…SPLENDOUR IT WAS FOR ME TOO…

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