The XX

Breathe in!

Get a sharpie and write this date down! Etch it in a sketch, carve it into rock, spray it on a train, translate it into hieroglyphics, HELL, name your next child it-: September 11, 2012.

The XX will release their highly anticipated new album, (their first squeak in 3 years)  Coexist 

Few artists have the ability to impress, persuade, unravel, excite or delight me more than The XX ‘s Romy Madley Croft, Jamie Smith aka Jamie XX and Oliver Sim. Together, they created one of the most perfect albums released to this date, don’t argue!

Their self titled debut killed it in 2009, ranking highly in all the “Best of” lists. It took out the top spot in The Guardian and 2nd spot in NME‘s top tracks of 2009. The Mercury prize hobnobs know what’s hawt and what’s nawt, they awarded them the big one! No questioning those achievements?

Each and every one of their songs tweaks a bit of my mushiest parts. No points for guessing the recent release of their knee buckling, heart chakre jigging track “Angels” made an impression. So much so my i-Pod shuffles to it every day!

Trigger some goosies herr!

Those lil beggars are drip feeding us doozies, just releasing their 2nd salubrious track “Chained”,  I didn’t even need to listen to it and I loved it!

I like you and I want you to feel good, so click here!

And breathe out!

One Response to “The XX”
  1. Sandra Sultry says:

    gaww blimy.. lighters in the air!!

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