I’m baaaack!

Greetings gentle readers!

It’s been a while, no? I’ve been lathering myself in a luxurious, self imposed 40th birthday hiatus and this here lil blog has been tossed aside, in the same vein an empty shampoo bottle is kicked into the graveyard corner of the shower.

I’m a year older, the cogs are a tad sluggish, my pelvic floor is shot, my relationship with carbohydrates has never been stronger and everything about my appearance is 1-2 centimetres closer to the floor. It’s safe to say I’d be happier to lick the length of a shopping centre escalator hand rail than eat another piece of cake!

Im back to jive talk, to put a coupla things out there, if you like them, you can take them, if you don’t, send them right back!

I’m pressing on tentatively, yet enthusiastically, to tell you about the release of Grizzly Bear’s new album “Shields” on the 17th of September. My thoughts instantly turn to the grumpy chalkboard from Mr. Squiggle “HURRY UP!”

I’ll keep this short and sweet. Look at this clip and understand why GB and their album “Vecktamist” have a firm stranglehold on my delicate sensibilities!

And furthermore, you have my permission to release a squeal of delight for this sneaky peak at the album art, the track list and the first single release “Yet Again” Huzzah!

Sleeping Ute – 4:38
Speak in Rounds – 4:24
Adelma – 1:02
Yet Again – 5:18
The Hunt – 3:44
A Simple Answer – 6:00
What’s Wrong – 5:44
gun-shy – 4:30
Half Gate – 5:29
Sun in Your Eyes – 7:18

Now if you don’t mind, I’ve got a few disgruntled letters to the editor to write and some brisket to broil!

Good day Sir, I said Good Day!

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