I’ve just hand washed, scotch guarded and vac-packed my festival boots. I won’t be needing them again because I’m just plain shit at festivals. If I haven’t garnered self discipline or worked out how to pace myself @ 40 yrs it’s time to admit I never will.

I always enter these pristine, sprawling grasslands with unbridled enthusiasm, brimming with a lust for love, life and lining up. I always leave with zero self respect, bung ankles, the early onset of melanoma and the hiccups!

I only made it til 5pm at this one (Parklife Brisbane) and caught just 3 acts. I’m not complaining, the sets I did see were well worth the heart burn and sciatica!

That little baby faced tyke Harley Streton aka Flume made me near wet myself again and Ben Drew from Plan B met all my hastily formed expectations. (Soz Serena, that’s all I’ve got for you at this stage)

Friends and foe alike will attest to the glorious, heaving magnitude of magnificence that Hermitude brought to Brisbane. They were the life of the park! I am forever indebted to my friend Benji Honey of Surecut Kids fame for giving me the heads up on this one. If not for him banging on about their brilliant start to finish album “HyperParadise” I may never have fallen in love like so.

There arent enough adjectives in my vernacularĀ to describe just how good this pair were. Musical maestros Luke Dubber (aka Luke Dubs) and Angus Stuart (aka Elgusto) hail from the Blue Mountains and really know how to send a crowd berko!

You could take a little look at this grab from their Woodford gig, be sure and turn it up nice and loud. Be sure and thank me later!

And yes, I tried that straight arm, bouncing up and down dance along with 1000’s of others and I strangely enjoyed it, Yo!

Honesty prevailing, the highlight of my weekend was the Riverfire after party at darling’s Casey and Emma’s place… and discovering Frank Turner!

Holy mackerel, I just downloaded his discography and it’s that good. It makes me want to raise a glass and hug somebody!

I also laid some cement for some beautiful new friendship foundations, Hi Glenn, Mitch, Anna and Danny,xxx

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