About Walter Osborne

About Walter Osborne

Walter Osborne is a name. Just a name, which originates from my grandfathers’ first name Walter, and my grandmothers’ maiden name Osborne. It is the name that I always thought I would have to express my creativity. An alias of sorts. I never met my grandmother as she passed away before I was born, but I saw my grandfather Walter almost every single day growing up and I loved him dearly. From what I know my grandparents had a pure and unconditional love for each other, something that almost everyone strives for and looks forward to. Whatever I do is an ode to them, and the rest of my family. At the moment Walter Osborne is a written reflection of daily thoughts, by passionate people with creative and indulgent minds.

“Katie (KK) Rackley nee Kolodinski”
Granddaughter of Walter Kolodinski and Marie Osborne

About Walter O Music by Kara Patterson

Walter O Music is a mish mash of musical musings. You can expect a post a day somehow related to music. I’ll be avoiding important family commitments and feigning responsibility to go to as many live gigs as possible! When I’m not giving you blow by blow descriptions of heady, booze infused music events, I’ll be revealing somewhat trivial accounts of past experiences, begging you to listen to my new favourite song and judging the shagability of the latest ginger bearded bass player that takes my fancy!

About Walter O Hotels by Katie Rackley

Walter O Hotels is a daily blog of my musings of the hotels of I have stayed in and the Hotel industry at large. You can expect to read daily posts that reflect my mood, tastes, likes and dislikes, all with the major theme of Hotels. Once a week I review a hotel that I have stayed at and bring to you my version of the events that occurred while I was there. My views are non-biased and based on personal experiences, knowledge and opinion. I hope you enjoy, let me know…

About Walter O Food by Adrienne Walls-Nichols

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