Smoke Bomb!

I came to see The Medics, I came home without seeing The Medics! It’s not the first time I’ve overdone it and missed the headliner, thank Oprah for awesome support acts! I stretch/yawned awkwardly in bed yesterday morning and felt something tweak. I painfully laboured through the day knowing full well I had to recover … Continue reading

15 minutes of Purple Rain wasn’t enough!

I saw Prince live and this is how I feel! My dearest darlings Katie and Reece, aka Mr and Mrs Osborne rang me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I wanted to go see Prince. They fed me some hogwash about having a spare ticket because one of their friends couldn’t make it? In … Continue reading

This Blog Sucks!

All I ever do is go see bands, fall hopelessly in love, have the time of my life and then come home and write about it. How long are you going to put up with this monotony? Perhaps I need to go see a Cat Empire gig so I can get some experience in writing … Continue reading

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life!

Look at this face, LOOK AT EEEET! Just as I was settling in for some tim tams in my jim jams I received word that young Sydney DJ Flume aka Harley Streten was playing @ The Clock Hotel. With moments to spare before doors opened I did a superman, phone box style wardrobe change and … Continue reading

I Slept In My Car Last Night!

Y’all can stop looking now because I found God last night. He was in the eyes of  “The Ruben’s” vocalist  Sam Margin. The world stopped turning for a minute as he crooned the “My Gun” lyrics just for me. I now present to you the photographic evidence to support this outlandish statement! Last night was supposed to … Continue reading

Messed Up!

Thrash pop duo from Brisbane, DZ Deathrays rocked this city last night @Elsewhere! No points for guessing why they were shut down for being too loud moments into their set at SXSW in Texas earlier this year. Fresh from the release of their latest album “Bloodstreams” DZ took to the stage with a mind numbing, … Continue reading