To Be Perfectly Frank!

It’s been a big news week for Frank Ocean. If you’re a lady like me, (Shut your face) some of the news is bad. Frank has gracefully emerged from the proverbial closet and confirmed rumours on his Tumblr that he is gay. That’s right, Frank likes franks! I’d like to say his touching, brave omission … Continue reading

Who’s that girl?

It’s Marilyn! Darling by day, daring by night, delightful by all means, 25yr old Venezuelan beauty Marilyn Rondon knows how to turn a head. With the most part of her body used as palette for ink, this sometimes painter, sometimes DJ, never not working, always dancing, bartender has been raising eyebrows with her latest foray … Continue reading

The F***?

Why didn’t anybody tell me Pat Grossi from “Active Child” was a redhead? You guys know how much I love ginge! I’ve been listening to his album “You Are All I See” on the daily,  but it never occurred to me to Google search his image. I’m so upset and I’ve no one to blame but myself.  I’m throwing … Continue reading

Angel without wings!

If you’re a fan of SBTRKT you’ll recognise these angelic vocals? English rose, Jessie Ware chills spines and warms hearts with her pared back, soulful voice! Little wonder the world’s leading music producers are scrambling to lend her talent! Check out her latest offering “Wildest Moments” from her upcoming debut album “Devotion”, set for release … Continue reading

Pour Me Another Drink And Punch Me In The Face!

Beautifully bearded, blue eyed, baben singer/guitarist/songwriter Father John Misty is a dead set cracker jack. I’ve just spent the most part of my night trolling his blog and related articles and now I feel cuckoo! Aka J.Tillman, recently left Seattle based indie humdingers Fleet Foxes to pursue his solo career.  He doesn’t seem to think he had … Continue reading

Damage Control!

Ever loved a song for it’s therapeutic properties? “Hands” by 6 piece Melbourne band “Alpine” works wonders for me. Better than a Bex and a good lie down, this song penetrates my heart chakras and postively transfers energy away from my cranky bits. There was a time when the second I threw my keys on the bench … Continue reading

Tits or GTFO!

Icelandic demigods, Sigur Rós punctured and lodged themselves into the feeling’s part of my heart many years ago. Their swirling, ethereal, orchestral magnitude never fails to lift me from my grind and place me softly/squarely into mind numbing indifference. It’s the best place to be, trust me! Permission to divulge one of my fondest memories? … Continue reading

Happy Birthday T-Pain!

There are no children in this home any more….only teenagers! My youngest child, my baby doll, my little poppet, Tillini Jade turned into a little punk overnight. There goes the neighbourhood! This time, 13 years ago, I was heavy breathing, wondering why God hated me, and begging the earth to swallow me whole. With my short … Continue reading

Everything Was Bouletiful And Nothing Hurt!

Never fail music moguls Modular People just released uber bearded, 21 yr old, dogtown z- boyesque, Jonathan Boulet’s new album! Here’s the title, *stretches fingers… “We Keep The Beat, Found The Sound, See The Need, Start The Heart” I ask myself, is he having a laff with that title? I don’t even care, in my … Continue reading

Smoke Bomb!

I came to see The Medics, I came home without seeing The Medics! It’s not the first time I’ve overdone it and missed the headliner, thank Oprah for awesome support acts! I stretch/yawned awkwardly in bed yesterday morning and felt something tweak. I painfully laboured through the day knowing full well I had to recover … Continue reading