MIA – sneaky leak peek!

Praise the Lord, Allah and Tom Cruise for internet leaks. The world just got a sneaky peek listen to MIA’s first squeak since joining Jay Z’s stable earlier this year! God must love us? A previously unheard, sparsely produced “Baby” spilled into our ears unbeknownst to “Paper Planes” hit maker MIA aka Mathangi Arulpragasam, but … Continue reading

Who’s that girl?

It’s Marilyn! Darling by day, daring by night, delightful by all means, 25yr old Venezuelan beauty Marilyn Rondon knows how to turn a head. With the most part of her body used as palette for ink, this sometimes painter, sometimes DJ, never not working, always dancing, bartender has been raising eyebrows with her latest foray … Continue reading

Tits or GTFO!

Icelandic demigods, Sigur Rós punctured and lodged themselves into the feeling’s part of my heart many years ago. Their swirling, ethereal, orchestral magnitude never fails to lift me from my grind and place me softly/squarely into mind numbing indifference. It’s the best place to be, trust me! Permission to divulge one of my fondest memories? … Continue reading

Everything Was Bouletiful And Nothing Hurt!

Never fail music moguls Modular People just released uber bearded, 21 yr old, dogtown z- boyesque, Jonathan Boulet’s new album! Here’s the title, *stretches fingers… “We Keep The Beat, Found The Sound, See The Need, Start The Heart” I ask myself, is he having a laff with that title? I don’t even care, in my … Continue reading

Smoke Bomb!

I came to see The Medics, I came home without seeing The Medics! It’s not the first time I’ve overdone it and missed the headliner, thank Oprah for awesome support acts! I stretch/yawned awkwardly in bed yesterday morning and felt something tweak. I painfully laboured through the day knowing full well I had to recover … Continue reading

Paces, In Yo Faces!

Mikey Perry is just trying to impress his mum and make a difference in this world. Zero points for guessing he’s made a difference in mine…and my mum’s. (Hi Denise!) As an avid follower of his facey, twittey, spideywatchy, insty updates, it came as no surprise his latest foray into music producing solo/yolo gets a … Continue reading

The Last Dinosaur

I went to see Brisbane indie power pop band Last Dinoasaurs @ Elsewhere last night. It was bullshit, in a good way! In my infinite Jägermeister infused wisdom I thought it perfectly acceptable to approach lead guitar/vocals cutie Sean Caskey after his set and creep a photo. As I sheepishly handed my iPhoney to the … Continue reading

Splendour, Get In My Ears!

This morning was so painful! I had to start work knowing full well I was about to miss the “Splendour In The Grass” line up announcement. As I arrived in the car park my hands felt like they were glued to the wheel and my torso turned to lead. I trudged through the front doors … Continue reading