Profile: I was recently asked "What makes you happy?" As a thirty something, single mother of two, I braced myself for the lightening bolt that would strike me down for not saying "My darling children" and sheepishly answered "MUSIC"  Now don't get me wrong, my children are lovely and bring me endless joy but they don't make me feel that Mary Tyler Moore, throw your hat in the air, type of exuberance! So, when given the chance to go to gigs, talk about music in Walter O Music blog form and somewhat justify the unnatural amount of time I spend on the internet...well, you can imagine my delight! I can bang on endlessly about the bass player's chest hair or how I wrestled bridesmaid style for the guitarists pick but I'm not crash hot at reviewing. This is my problem, I love everything I see. My 9-5 sees me making pine cone men and spaghetti necklaces at a kindergarten. The rest of my time is divided between school lunches and writing absentee notes. For me to be out of the house, not at work and squished firmly into the barrier of a thumping gig my level of discern is low. Most music blogs I follow are review heavy and I'm certain I won't be able to match them. When I do go to a gig I'll sure as heck tell you all about it but in the meantime I'll be writing about my failed attempts to get backstage and the amazing shapes my body can make to wrangle my way to the front of a crowd. So please keep in mind I'm no music journalist and I've no qualifications to speak of. More often than not I'll veer off topic as my concentration span resembles a goldfish! I may start off writing about a secret sideshow, a favorite you tube clip or an important lyric and end up sharing gazpacho recipes!  I've always thought it would be nice to “Do what you love, love what you do” and by Jove this could be my ticket! Bear with me!

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