You’ve Been Waiting For This!

Forget George Clooney’s pissy coffee machines, I’d rather get McCafe drive thru and listen to David Byrne. His mature looks leave Clooney for dead! Before you get carried away lets remind ourselves why we love “Talking Heads”, why we love this voice, why we love this man! Now get this! Dave has teamed up with … Continue reading

Bloc Party and you’re invited!

I’m bracing myself for all your post Splendour highlights, insta pics, tags and tweets, you lucky, lucky bastards! I didn’t make it to Belongil Fields this year and my pre Splendour depression started kicking in well before the first tent pegs were pitched! I was wondering why I was on my drink and off my … Continue reading

Today is a good day!

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about “Two Door Cinema Club” and I’m certain it won’t be the last. Friends will attest to my deplorable memory span, but can I just repeat that I saw them play at last years laneway fest? God must think I’m a good person or the security was too … Continue reading


Look at these faces, LOOK AT THEM! Do you recognise them? Me neither, but I know what they sound like! They are the faces of “Mount Kimbie”, an  electronic duo consisting of Dominic Maker and Kai Campos and I’ve been listening to their album “Crooks and Lovers” for small measure of time now. Let me tell you chords … Continue reading

With this Ring!

If I make mention of the term “Indie, electronic pop duo” one more time, I give you permission to kick me in the mons pubis. Oh wait, grant me small buffer to laud indie, electronic pop duo Purity Ring. This totes awks coupling are doing their best to make the internet collapse on itself. Their … Continue reading

MIA – sneaky leak peek!

Praise the Lord, Allah and Tom Cruise for internet leaks. The world just got a sneaky peek listen to MIA’s first squeak since joining Jay Z’s stable earlier this year! God must love us? A previously unheard, sparsely produced “Baby” spilled into our ears unbeknownst to “Paper Planes” hit maker MIA aka Mathangi Arulpragasam, but … Continue reading

To Be Perfectly Frank!

It’s been a big news week for Frank Ocean. If you’re a lady like me, (Shut your face) some of the news is bad. Frank has gracefully emerged from the proverbial closet and confirmed rumours on his Tumblr that he is gay. That’s right, Frank likes franks! I’d like to say his touching, brave omission … Continue reading

Who’s that girl?

It’s Marilyn! Darling by day, daring by night, delightful by all means, 25yr old Venezuelan beauty Marilyn Rondon knows how to turn a head. With the most part of her body used as palette for ink, this sometimes painter, sometimes DJ, never not working, always dancing, bartender has been raising eyebrows with her latest foray … Continue reading

The F***?

Why didn’t anybody tell me Pat Grossi from “Active Child” was a redhead? You guys know how much I love ginge! I’ve been listening to his album “You Are All I See” on the daily,  but it never occurred to me to Google search his image. I’m so upset and I’ve no one to blame but myself.  I’m throwing … Continue reading

Angel without wings!

If you’re a fan of SBTRKT you’ll recognise these angelic vocals? English rose, Jessie Ware chills spines and warms hearts with her pared back, soulful voice! Little wonder the world’s leading music producers are scrambling to lend her talent! Check out her latest offering “Wildest Moments” from her upcoming debut album “Devotion”, set for release … Continue reading